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Gurdaspur attackers had come using Ravi river, had more plans

Gurdaspur/New Delhi: The terrorists who attacked Gurdaspur yesterday had come from Pakistan using Ravi river and apparently had plans to target one more area, the probe has found even as images surfaced today showing thre heavilyarmed men in Army fatigues walking on a road.

Punjab police chief Sumedh Singh Saini said 11 unused
bombs had been recovered and five of them had been defused.

Three AK47 rifles, 17 magazines, 55 cartridges, one
Rocket launcher, three hand grenades, bullet proof jackets,
night vision device and heap of unused bullets were recovered
from the site of the encounter, he said.

Giving details of the probe, the DGP said the terrorists
had taken the route from Dhussi Bandh (Ravi river) right along
the International Border to the railway track where they
planted bombs and then came to Dina Nagar. The bombs were
detected on time and defused.

"As per their GPS system, they first planted bombs on
railway track before snatching a car from a civilian and then
gained entry into the police station of Dina Nagar," he said.

"Inspection of the bodies show they were Muslims," he

In Delhi, official sources said the probe indicates that
the terrorists, suspectedly belonging to Pakistanbased
LashkareTaiba, had entered India through Bamiyal village and
planned to target Gurudaspur civil lines also besides the
police station.

The GPS, used by travellers to reach their destinations,
was switched on by the terrorists after they crossed over into
India, the sources said.

While the flow of the river was very fast, security
agencies believe that the attackers used a canal to enter
India and switched on the GPS.

The tracking point of one of the two GPS systems with the
terrorists showed Talwandi point, Parmanand village and Dina
Nagar. The other GPS system had Gurudaspur Civil Lines marked,
implying that the area was also on their target list.

The terrorists were caught on a CCTV camera whose footage
surfaced today. The 14second video footage shows three men,
wearing Army fatigues, having big backpacks and carrying AK
assault rifles, walking down the road at 4:55 a.m. yesterday.

The images were captured by a CCTV camera placed at a
shop at Taragarh intersection in Dinanagar area, just before
they entered this Punjab town bordering Pakistan, SSP
Gurdaspur G S Toor said today.

Saini said the terrorists, who were killed in a
12hourlong gunbattle yesterday here, were carrying two very
strong GPS systems and had planted five bombs on railway

Sources in Delhi said the stretch of 15 kms from the
point of crossing into India was covered by the terrorists on
foot before they planted five Improvised Explosive Devices on
TalwandiAmritsar railway track.

A night vision device has also been recovered from the
railway tracks, they said.

The terrorists, this time, have made every attempt to
hide their identity and had even removed tags on their clothes
including underwears.

The terrorists were not carrying any food items except
for some loose dry fruits. The terrorists were carrying three
AK 47 rifles, several Chinesemade grenades, besides 10
magazines with more than 200 rounds of ammunition.

Seven people including a Superintendent of Police were
killed by the three terrorists yesterday in Gurdaspur areas
before a crack team of Punjab Police commandos killed all of

About the alert, the DGP insisted that no intelligence
input was passed on to Punjab police by any intelligence

He said as of now, nothing could be said about the group
to which the terrorists belonged.

He ruled out any repetition of such an incident anywhere
in Punjab saying police is alert enough in this regard and
keeping hawk eyes.



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