Sunday, July 27, 2014  


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Two star bars should be opened: Kerala Hman Rights Commision

Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala State Human Rights Commission Sunday ordered that the closed bars that were of twostar standards should be opened.

The Human Rights Commission’s order was on pleas filed by bar owners.

“There should not be any disparity in granting licences to bars,” Kerala State Human Rights Commission chairman J.B. Koshy said in the order.

The rights panel also asked the secretaries of the Excise and Tourism departments to ensure the quality of the bars in the state.

“The government can take any action on its liquor policy, but the individual’s interests can be implemented,” the order said.

The bar owners have been demanding a uniform policy for liquor bars in state ever since Kerala government had closed down substandard bars. The commission has observed that even bar owners have the right to earn their living. But the commission has now said that these bars should be allowed to reopen, the commission' s recommendation is not legally binding, a source in the government said.

Bar owners have welcomed the commission's recommendation.



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