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A Great Legacy Continues...
In 1887 it was a wonder.
In 2011 it is a miracle...
It is a media organization, with a history of well over a century, never deviating from the perilous path of struggle for Truth, Justice, Freedom and Equality.

It is really a survival; the survival of the fittest!
The dawn of free press in Malayalam was in 1887, when the Deepika, the first Malayalam daily was printed on a crude, handmade wooden press.

There began the history of elite journalism in Malayalam. That was the humble outset of a legend to be.

Under the dynamic leadership of Fr. Emmanuel Nidhiri, a versatile genius and known writer, the Deepika marched toward the 20th century. It grew in popularity and its area of operation widened. Writers, contributors and correspondents were from all segments of the Kerala population. It earned a credibility and respect, rarely enjoyed by vernacular newspapers.

124 Years old; still Brave and Bold.
In January 1927, the newspaper became a daily and it re-emphasised the goals its founding fathers had set in its very first issue, viz:

  • To represent the needs of the common people to the rulers.
  • To protect and safeguard the inalienable rights of the people.
  • To fight for Truth, Justice and Freedom and to unite the separated brethren of Kerala.

Over the decades, Deepika grew in strength and gradually became a part of the Kerala life. It always stood by the people and feared none. It fought relentlessly for the well-being of the farmer, the weaker sections, the rights of the minorities and lower castes, irrespective of color, caste, creed, religion or gender.

Deepika at the same time maintained a neutral political stand, earning the appreciation of politicians and other leaders, both big and small. Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Shankar Dayal Sharma, K.R.Narayanan, Arjun Singh and L.K.Advani are among the national leaders who have lauded and appreciated the Deepika's impartiality.

Serving all over Kerala

kottayam office
Rashtra Deepika Ltd.
P.B. No.7
Kottayam-686 001
Phone: 0481 2566706 (4 lines)
Fax: 3012222
Thrissur office
Rashtra Deepika Ltd.
P.B. No.32, Veliyannoor P.O
Thrissur-680 001
Phone: 0487 3012222
Fax: 2424231
kannur office
Rashtra Deepika Ltd.
P.B. No.1407
Kannur-670 004
Phone: 0497 3052222
Fax: 3052005

Trivandrum office
Rashtra Deepika Ltd.
Malankara Buildings
Phone: 0471 3012222
Fax: 3012298

kochi office
Rashtra Deepika Ltd.
Annie Thayyil Buliding
Near North Railway Station
Phone: 0484 3042222
Fax: 3043043

kochi office
Rashtra Deepika Ltd.
Jyothish Complex Eranjipalam Bypass
Opp. Swapna Nagari
Phone: 0495 2762191, 3042422
Fax: 0495 3043043

The Affluent Kerala reads Deepika Publications
The affluent strata and the higher-educated class of the Kerala society form the bulk of the Deepika readership. Many of its readers have distinguished and established themselves at the summit of virtually all fields of economic, social and political activities. Top bankers, jewellers and gold merchants, planters, share brokers, industrialists, etc. of the state are its regular readers.


  Deepika Daily -The Great Crusader

The Deepika daily newspaper is the flagship publication. The Deepika's efforts toward bringing about maximum benefits to farmers at all levels have been momentous. It has fought relentlessly for setting fair prices for agricultural commodities, particularly rubber and coconut, and has widely encouraged the use of scientific fertilizers, high yielding varieties of all types of crops, etc.

The Deepika has always stood by and supported the poor the downtrodden and the oppressed in every way possible. Mother Teresa, too, in her own special way had a deep affection for the Deepika and its activities, for which she often prayed.

Deepika was blessed by Pope John Paul II in 1986 when he inaugurated its year-long centenary celebrations during his maiden visit to India. In 1987, the late Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was the chief guest at the centenary concluding ceremony.

 Rashtradeepika - Urban Kerala's First Choice

The Rashtradeepika -India's most popular and largest selling evening daily was launched in April 1992 from Trichur. It has seven editions and a readership of over three million today. Two thirds of Kerala urban population read this eveninger. It is not a cheap, gossipy tabloid; it is like a serious morning daily.

 Karshakan - Glories of the Field

Karshakan, an agricultural monthly catering to the needs of farmers and agriculturists, was launched in March 1993. Karshakan is the preferred magazine of every strategist who wishes to enter the environs of rural Kerala. It appeals effectively to the agricultural sector; it echoes the heartbeats of Kerala farmers from plantation owners to small-scale farmers.

 Sthreedhanam - Fancy of the Woman

Sthreedhanam, a women's monthly, was launched in July 1994. This magazine is the favorite of the women and families.

Malayalee women, young and old, modern and traditional, urban and rural, find a dependable and entertaining friend in Sthreedhanam. It offers a wide array of articles and features to encompass the myriad fancies of today's women.

 Rashtra Deepika Cinema - Bold and Beautiful

Rashtra Deepika Cinema, Kerala's largest- selling film magazine was launched in September 1995.

It has more than a million readers every week, serving them with the glitter and glamour of the cine world.

 Kuttikalude Deepika - The Joy of Children

Kuttikalude Deepika, the first Malayalam monthly for children is now a fortnightly, eagerly awaited by youngsters. It is the foremost choice of the little ones and discreet parents. Popular for its features, stories and puzzles, it combines all the elements to make a classic with the juniors.

 Children's' Digest - Child is the father of man...

Children's Digest, a monthly English magazine for the young and the young at heart was launched in January 1997. It has everything for making a mix that would be a hit with children, and no wonder, it is virtually the most popular magazine of its kind in India today. - The Largest Read Malayalam Internet Daily in the World

In October 1997, the Deepika made history again when it became the first Malayalam daily on the Internet. is the largest read online Malayalam Daily in the world with an average daily hit of 26,78,765. , the English edition is one of the premier online editions in South India. The modern web radio-Deepika Global Radio is widely appreciated around the globe. Deepika Global SMS sends shocking news to more than 20,000 Malyalees in 122 countries. Helping the Helpless, a charity fund promoted by has distributed approximately five million rupees within a short period. E-KATHU- a professional e-mail programme in Malayalam helps the Malayalees in different coutries to communicate in their own mother- tongue to their dear ones

A Committed Team; Common Goals
The company has a workforce of over 1200 qualified and dedicated professionals, committed to the principles and common goals of the organization. There are 7848 news and distribution agents for our publications all over India. Year after year, many of our staff won laurels for outstanding contributions in various disciplines.

For the People; by the People...
In August 1989, the Deepika and its sister publications came under the ownership of Rashtra Deepika Ltd, a newly floated public limited company, in order to give the organization a fresh breath of life and to bring about a corporate dimension and to keep abreast with the rapid developments taking place in the newspaper industry.

This was a turning point in the history of the organization whereupon it gained new energy for a charge ahead. The company, under the dynamic leadership of the Board of Directors, who were professionals from different walks of life, decided to multiply publications.

Rashtra Deepika Ltd. - Board of Directors

Newsfully Yours
Guided by the beacons of truth and journalistic freedom, Rashtra Deepika Ltd vows to carry further its tradition to vistas of excellence.

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