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Black money can destabilise world peace: PM

New Delhi: Warning that black money can destabilise world peace and harmony, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today asserted that democratic nations have an obligation of collectively fighting this evil as it does not affect any country selectively.

A day after his return from a foreign tour during which the issue of black money was flagged at the G20 Summit in Australia, Modi wrote a blog saying that "India placed the issue of existence and repatriation of black money at the forefront of the world community."

The Prime Minister said he was glad that the world community took note of this "because this is an issue that does not selectively affect one nation."

Warning that "the menace of black money has the potential to destabilise world peace and harmony," Modi said, "black money also brings with it terrorism, money laundering and narcotics trade."

Pitching for a united global fight against the menace, he said, "As democracies firmly committed to the rule of law, it becomes our obligation to collectively fight this evil and there was no better occasion than the G20 to raise this."

Referring to the outcome of the G20 Summit, he said, "Our efforts paid off with the official communique reflecting this issue."

Modi, who attended five Summits and met 38 world leaders during his 10day tour of Myanmar, Australia and Fiji, said, "I noticed one thing that the world is looking at India with renewed respect and immense enthusiasm! I see a global community that is tremendously keen to engage with India.

India must be prepared to use might if need arises: Prez

Tezpur: Cautioning against various threats facing the subcontinent, President Pranab Mukherjee on Friday said it was imperative for India to have an effective deterrence and strong defence to promote development and it must be prepared to use its "might" if the need arises.

"Today, our nation is on the path of growth in all fields. While the nation grows and develops in all realms, the subcontinent also faces varied threats especially from nonstate actors.

"To preserve peace and harmony and promote all round development, it is imperative for us to have an effective deterrence and a strong defence," Mukherjee said at the Tezpur Air Force base.

The President, who is also the supreme commander of the armed forces, said though as a nation India was "firmly" committed to peace, "we must be prepared to use our might to safeguard the sovereignty of our nation, should the need ever arise."

"We are a nation which believes in equality in all realms. The men and women who stand before us today epitomise our grit and determination towards this underlying cause. I am immensely proud of our armed forces for leading the path in this respect," he said.

Earlier, he presented the prestigious presidential standard to 115 Helicopter Unit and 26 Squadron of the Indian Air Force here in "recognition of their selfless devotion and outstanding performance both during the time of war and in peace".

The presidential standard, considered one of the greatest honours for an Air Force unit, was presented at a grand ceremonial parade at the strategically located Tezpur Air Force station, one of the premier air bases of the Indian Air Force in the eastern sector.

Saarang helicopters and Sukhoi fleet performed manoeuvres at the function where Air chief Arup Raha was also present.

"These distinguished flying units have a glorious past and a rich tradition of professional excellence. Since their inception, they have rendered illustrious service to the nation and done us proud," the President said.

"Their rich heritage and stellar efforts in the pursuit of excellence have set a benchmark for others to emulate. For their selfless devotion, professionalism and courage in the face of adversity, the nation honours them today with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation," he said.

Lauding the IAF, he said from Kanyakumari to the mighty Himalayas, the resilience and tenacity of the air warriors has been a source of tremendous pride for the whole nation.

"The professional excellence, grit and determination exhibited by them over the past few decades is highly laudable. Their excellent performance has been acknowledged both in India and abroad, during their participation in various international exercises," Mukherjee said.

The 115 Helicopter Unit has had a glorious operational record. It was formed in Chandigarh in April 1967 with Mi4 helicopters.

During the 1971 IndoPak war, the unit undertook various operations in support of the Army offensive, casualty evacuation and search and rescue operations.

Raised on April 1, 1967 in Guwahati, the Helicopter Unit earned its sobriquet 'The Hovering Angels', while incessantly working to provide relief and succor to floodravaged Bihar in 1975.

The 26 squadron was formed in Adampur in January 1968 and was the first squadron to be equipped with the indomitable Sukhoi7 aircraft.

The squadron actively participated in the 1971 IndoPak war where it acted as a force multiplier in support of the army offensive.In 1977, the squadron was reequipped with MIG 21 BIS aircraft and moved to Pathankot.

Since its inception, the squadron has undertaken significant operational missions, including several missions during the Kargil conflict of 1999 and towards guarding the northern skies during the long period of activation as a part of Operation Parakram.

"In acknowledgement and recognition of their outstanding performances, I award Standards to 115 Helicopter Unit and 26 Squadron. On this occasion, I take the opportunity to compliment the personnel and families of 115 Helicopter Unit and 26 Squadron, both past and present, for their selfless service and dedication towards the nation," he said.

India in talks with 24 countries to boost maritime security

New Delhi: With an eye on beefing up maritime security, India is negotiating a deal with 24 countries for exchange of neutral merchant shipping data as it rolls out a national hub to tackle all aspects of coastal security to prevent another 26/11like attack.

A final paper for the creation of the longpending National Maritime Domain Awareness Grid (NMDA) is also complete and is pending approval with the Cabinet Committee on Security.

The Indian Navy had earlier this year rolled out its National Command Control Communication and Intelligence Network (NC3I) that allows surveillance of waters around India and can even track ships in South China Sea.

These are part of the decisions taken post the Mumbai terror attacks.

Talking about the inauguration of Information Management and Analysis Centre (IMAC), slated for Sunday in Gurgaon, Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Communications Space and Network Centric Operations) Rear Admiral KK Pandey said India is looking at having a tieup with 24 countries with which it wishes to exchange the wideshipping data which is neutral merchant shipping data.

He said National Security Advisor Ajit Doval is leading the negotiation with some countries.

"We should be firming it up in a very quick time and if that happens, it is a winwin situation for all countries," he said.

He answered in the affirmative when asked if the there were countries east of the Malacca Straits.

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